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Now available-free surfaces: from 8 to 30 square metres (I floor) and 8 and 18 square metres (2nd floor)


At the end of the 19th century at the turn of Sadowa Street and Fabryczna Street the owner of "Metalurgia" factory erected a palace in the classicising style. The building, finished and decorated with utmost care for detail, became a house for him and his nearest family. At the same time, on the other side of  Fabryczna Str. an impressive, two-wing tenement house was erected. It was called "Dom Familijny", since it was inhabited mainly by families of chief engineers and the managerial staff. Both buildings and adjacent factories were at that time the fastest developing and the most modern part of the then Radomsko.


            Today Sadowa Str. is called Kościuszki Str. and the remains of Fabryczna Str. include access to the factory's gate and the adjacent car park. In the past the building had many various owners and fulfilled many various functions. The building, nationalised in 1949 by the authorities of the People's Republic of Poland, was the headquarters of the then authorities. It was a mute witness of political transformations, whose evidence is inscriptions maintained till today in the cellars fulfilling the role of a prison in the past. In 1953 the Palace was separated from the property of "Metalurgia" factory, changed after the war into "Komuny Paryskiej" factory and given for use by the Civic Militia. The building was used by the Militia for 50 years…


            Today we should be proud that a historical building of this class is not getting into ruin, as we do not have many building of this type in Radomsko. Thanks to a thorough renovation we managed to restore the splendour of the building and a fragment of the town's history.

            nowy-37Many external architectural details are the evidence of the building's Neo-Renaissance character. The gabled roof is decorated with three tympana with a coat of arms in the middle. On the attic of both wings there are windows in classical skylights, while windows on the first floor are decorated with frames with keystones. Spandrels are decorated with stone strings. A horizontal division of the palace in the form of cornice, sockles and cutters is visible.

            The building, in the trapezoidal shape, is divided into two wings. The wings are connected with a corner with wide stairs, over which there is a loggia with volutes. Below the loggia there is the main entrance to the hexagonal lobby. From the lobby there are two corridors leading to other rooms. The corridor on the left, which is longer than the other corridor, reaches the staircase connecting two twin storeys. The diversity of rooms as regards both size and shape makes the building comfortable and functional. Some rooms have a unique charm thanks to a semicircular wall and vault.

            The building's architectural values connected with modern functionality make the building perfectly meet the needs of various companies and institutions.